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Parent Program

A seven week program that empowers parents with skills to build relationships at home and between the home and school.

Student Program

A ten week program that develops leadership skills in students.

For Profit and Non-Profit

Full day or half day training with the purpose of developing boards, strategic planning, and conflict management.

Training Programs

Training for Education, Healthcare, Business, and Non-Profit industry personnel.


Affordable clothing for the empowered leaders with social grace.


Weekly community publication reporting the events, activities, and news of the City of Mercedes.

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Parent Leadership Academy

This seven week program is designed to help parents build skills in family leadership, conflict management, communication, and organizational skills.  The program begins with a motivating kick off event followed by five content classes.  The program concludes with a graduation ceremony complete with caps and gowns.


Participants of the Parent Leadership Academy will gain skills in leadership, conflict management, etiquette, and communication.


Leadership, Conflict Management, Communication, Etiquette, and Goal Setting

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